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Speaker Name
Sallee, Jerry, J.D.
Attorney - Partner, Dinsmore & Shohl
Sanchez, Rakel
Health Management Director, HORAN
Schenk, Matt
Chef Instructor, Columbus Culinary Institute at Bradford Schools Inc.
Schultz, Deborah
Business Consultant, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Schwerha, Diana, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Ohio University
Seguin, Marc
., ProntoForms
Shafer, Carmen, M.S. Occupational Safety and Health Management
EHS Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Shaw, Mark
Attorney, Eastman & Smith Ltd.
Shulte, Tom, J.D.
Attorney, Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.
Siegenthaler II, Rich
President and CEO, Integrated Wellness Solutions
Siemens, Robert
Sr. Trainer, Royal Arc
Silver, Scott
Health Management Director, HORAN
Sledge, Ford
Safety & Health Consultant, BWC
Sloan, Jeff
Lead Instructor, Wagner-Meinert LLC
Smiley, Tania
Clinical Pharmacist, Optum
Smith, Chadwick
Executive Director, Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
Smith, Donald
Occupational Therapist, Athletico
Sommerich, Carolyn
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Sowry, Dan
Assistant Chief, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Spears, Jessica
Senior Associate, Ramboli Environ
Speck, Curt
President, Safety Resources Company of Ohio Inc.
Stefanek, Jennifer
President, Central Wellness
Steiman, Gerald
M.D., Steiman Neurology Group
Stiltner, Earline
Regional Vice President, Primerica Inc.
Stoner, Brett
Special Agent, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Suter, Douglas
Attorney, Hahn Loeser & Parks
Svendsen, Eric
Principal, safetyBUILT-IN

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