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New attendance option for OSC 2020

For the first time, we’re offering an online attendance option – a live broadcast of selected sessions and reports from the event you can watch from anywhere. It’s the next best thing to being there.

The selected track of online sessions includes:

  • Top Five Critical Items for Successful BWC Policy Management
  • How to Conduct a Self-Audit to Avoid Workplace Safety Issues
  • Who are the Players? The First 30 Days of a Claim
  • Improving Hazard Identification - Why We Miss Critical Hazards
  • Safety Walk, Safety Talk - Shaping Your Safety Culture
  • What's Happening With Ergonomics?
  • Finding the C-Suite Spot
  • Application of Ethics in Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Become part of the OSC 2020 community and fuel your personal and professional growth through live broadcasts focused on safety solutions and services.













View the online track of sessions

Click the Online Session Track button to the right of this screen to view the online track of sessions.


Register for online sessions

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Attendance credit for online sessions

OSC online sessions are approved for the same continuing education and BWC program credit as the in-person event. To receive credit, online attendees must log in for the duration of the session, must pass alertness checks, and complete a session evaluation before receiving credit.

Please see for more details.

Note: Attendance at OSC online sessions do not count toward BWC Safety Council attendance credit.