What's Your Safety Motto?

Be Safe Ohio. That’s the motto we live by at BWC. It’s also the spirit of our 2017 Ohio Safety
Congress & Expo (OSC17).

Does your organization have a motto or guiding principle when it comes to safety in your workplace? OSC17
can help you shape the character of your company’s safety and health program – its beliefs, focus and direction. 

Whether you’ve been before or if this is your first visit, safety congress gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new information;
  • See innovative products;
  • Gather information;
  • Ask questions.

Best of all, attendance is FREE for Ohio employers, their employees and all individuals with an interest
in occupational safety and health.


Audience Profile

OSC17 participants represent the following professions:

  • Occupational safety, health and wellness;
  • Environmental;
  • Workers’ compensation;
  • Rehabilitation and medical;
  • Human resources;
  • Security;
  • Attorneys;
  • First responders.


Diverse Educational Sessions

Agricultural and green industries (View)
Employee communications (View) Industrial hygiene (View) OSHA standards and solutions (View) Small business (View)
Attorneys and legal professionals (View)
Environmental (View) Manufacturing (View) Polymer/Advanced materials (View) State, county, municipal employees (View)
Chemical (View)
Ergonomics (View) Metal fabrication (View) Public utilities (View) Vision safety (View)
Colleges and universities (View)
Fire prevention (View) Mining (View) Risk Management (View) Worker health and wellness (View)
Construction (View) Food and beverage manufacturing (View)
Motor carriers (View) Safety 24/7 (View) Workers' compensation (View)
Distribution and logistics (View)
Food services (View) Occupational medicine and rehabilitation (View) Safety engineers (View) Workforce diversity (View)
Education and training (View)
Health-care facilities (View) Ohio public schools (View) Safety program development (View)  
Emergency medical services (View)
Human resource professionals (View) Oil and gas (View) Sanitarians and waste water operators (View)