Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2018


BWC’s Ohio Safety Congress & Expo is the largest and longest-running occupational safety, health and workers’ compensation event in the Midwest. More than 7,000 representatives from businesses, organizations and government entities attend the three-day event. They learn techniques for injury and illness prevention, rehabilitation, return-to-work and cost savings. They also shop for services, industrial supplies, safety equipment and gear in the Expo Marketplace.

OSC18 offers more than 200 free educational sessions, more than 200 exhibitors, free continuing education credits, and BWC program credits. By attending the safety congress, you will learn to:

  • Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses;
  • Achieve better outcomes for injured workers;
  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims costs;
  • Keep Ohio’s work force healthy and productive.



Medical & Health Symposium adds education for medical office staff

The Ohio Workers' Compensation Medical & Health Symposium has announced the addition of sessions designed for administrative office personnel. Topics will help medical office personnel efficiently submit and manage workers' compensation claims information to BWC. More...


Hotel scams on the rise

Be aware of housing pirates claiming to be a representative of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation or show management asking you to book hotel rooms for OSC18 or the Medical & Health Symposium. No authorized organization will contact you about Safety Congress or Medical Symposium hotels or housing. More... 

Education for Ohio’s leading industries

  • Agriculture and Green Industries
  • Colleges, Universities, and Public Schools
  • Construction Employers
  • Distribution, Logistics and Warehousing
  • Emergency Medical Service Personnel
  • Engineers and Risk Managers
  • Environmental Professionals, Sanitarians and Waste Water Operations
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Health and Nursing-Care Facility Administrators
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Human Resource Professionals and Workforce Diversity
  • Industrial Hygienists and Chemical Industries
  • Manufacturers
  • Mine Operators and Technicians
  • Motor Fleets and Vehicle Operators
  • Occupational Health and Wellness
  • Oil and Gas Operators and Professionals
  • OSHA Regulation and Compliance
  • Physicians, Chiropractors and Health-Care Providers
  • Rehabilitation, Chemical Dependency and Vision-Care Specialists
  • Restaurant and Food Service Personnel
  • Safety Consultants and Professionals
  • Small Business Owners and Operators