Friday, March 9, 2018
  (7135) BWC Initiatives and Strategies – A Medical Focus (Clinical Track and Staff Forum)
Speaker(s): Sarah Morrison
Friday, March 9, 2018 2:00 PM - 2:29 PM
Session Type: Educational Session
The presenter describes BWC's comprehensive holistic approach to patient care. She discusses the medical initiatives that support a holistic care model and how these strategies help injured workers return to a productive and fulfilling life. She reviews BWC programs that are focused on the prevention of workplace injuries and worker health and safety. She also presents BWC's focus on diversity and inclusion and the cultural competencies needed to meet each injured worker's individual needs.
Learning Objectives: Define BWC's holistic approach to total worker care
  Explain key points of BWC's medical initiatives, including rules pertaining to lumbar fusion surgery, health and behavior services, Enhanced Care Program and opiates
  Describe Better You, Better Ohio, BWC's new health and wellness program, as it relates to population health management, total worker health and prevention of workplace injuries
  Recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in health-care delivery
CCM: 0.5
CRC: 0.5
CDMS: 0.5
RN: 0.5
CLE: 0.5
CME: 0.5
PT: 0.5
OT: 0.5