Calling 911, Are You Ready? [3713]
Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Time: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Room: D283

   Nick Seitz, President, Firefighter Safe LLC

Track: Emergency Preparedness and Response
Secondary Track: All Industries and Workplaces
Session Type: Educational Session
Skill Level: All Levels

The first 10 minutes of an accident or injury are crucial in determining its outcome. Would your staff know what to do? This presentation covers topics such as recognizing an emergency, knowing when to help, and establishing safety teams and procedures. Additional time is devoted to discussing the implementation of safety-related trainings and a checklist of tools (first aid kits, automated external defibrillators, etc.). Don’t wait for an emergency to strike only to realize you’re not prepared.

Learning Objectives:
Identify key strategies to improve the efficiency of your safety team's response to sudden illness and injuries
Recognize the necessary tools your safety team needs to be effective in assorted workplace situations
Discuss how calling 911 is a component to an emergency situation but the first 10 minutes of a safety team response can ultimately decide the outcome

CEU Hours:  
  IACET: 0.1
  HRCI: 1
  BWC Discount Programs: 1

File & Handouts:
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