Wearable Technologies and Preventing Overexertion Incidents [1024]
Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Room: C160AB

   Haytham Elhawary, CEO & Co-Founder, Kinetic, Kinetic

Track: Ergonomics and Overexertion
Secondary Track: Social and Behavioral
Session Type: Educational Session
Skill Level: Intermediate

Wearable technology does not only present opportunity for personal wellness; developments in this field have also created a platform for us to create a safer workplace. In this session, the presenter discusses the behavioral principles that consumer wearables use to help people live more active lifestyles. Through case studies, the presenters discuss how you can apply those principles to positively change behavior in the workplace and keep workers safe.

Learning Objectives:
Identify applications of wearables in the work place
Explain the three principles that can lead to behavior change
Discuss the use of wearable technology to quantify and measure risk to reduce injuries
Describe best practices for deploying wearbable technology in the workplace

CEU Hours:  
  IACET: 0.1
  HRCI: 1
  BWC Discount Programs: 1

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