Overview of Opioids: The Current Crisis and Evidence on Safety and Efficacy [751]
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

   Jane Ballantyne, M.D., FRCA, Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Washington Harborview Medical
   Gary Franklin, M.D., MPH, Medical Director, Washington State Department of Labor Industries, and Professor, Dept. of Env. and Occ. Health Sciences Medicine (Neurology) and Health Services, Univ. of Washington

Track: Medical
Secondary Track: Pain
Session Type: Educational Session
Skill Level: Intermediate


The presenter discusses the risk and benefits of opioid prescribing, how previous policies led to an opioid epidemic and the current best practices to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explain how more permissive opioid regulations and policies in the 1990s led to changes in opioid dosing, morbidity and mortality; 2. Describe how new state and federal policy changes will likely allow more prudent and safer use of opioids for chronic, non-cancer pain; and 3. Explain why opioids have limited utility in the treatment of chronic pain.

CEU Hours:  
  IACET: 0.1
  CCM: 1.5
  CRC: 1.5
  RN: 1.5
  CDMS: 1.5
  CME: 1.5
  Chiropractor: 1.5

File & Handouts:
Opioids for chronic pain reconsidered

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