Medical Reimbursement and Coding Policy Updates [6113]
Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Room: B230

   Freddie Johnson, Chief, Medical Services and Compliance Officer, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Track: Workers' Compensation
Secondary Track: Legal
Session Type: Educational Session
Skill Level: Basic


The presenter assists all participants in Ohio's workers' compensation system to effectively execute their respective responsibilities in relation to medical reimbursement and coding.  He explains recent changes in workers' compensation rules and policy, which impact the 2017 delivery of services.

Learning Objectives:
Identify recent changes administrative codes and controlling policies impacting the provision and reimbursement of medical and vocational services
Define the fee schedules and how to appropriately bill and reimburse for the potential variety of workers' compensation services
Describe the enabling statutory authority governing BWC's setting and execution of Ohio's workers' compensation reimbursement methodologies
Identify and apply appropriate administrative and statutory codes to medical services and medical management activities

CEU Hours:  
  IACET: 0.1
  HRCI: 1
  RN: 1
  CLE: 1
  BWC Discount Programs: 1

File & Handouts:
OSC17 Reimbursement Presentation

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