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Speaker: Joe Melton, Manager of Consulting, Dekra-Insight
has eight years of experience practicing in safety related fields and 6 years specializing as a safety professional focusing primarily in Behavioral Safety, Safety Culture, Safety Management System analysis and auditing safety systems. Joe has received Bachelor degrees in both Political Science and History. Joe also has safety declarations as a Specialist in Safety and Health (SSH) - General Industry, Specialist in Safety and Health (SSH) – Construction and Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) - General industry. well versed in working with organizations in identifying physical property risk, and systemic safety improvements while offering a reasonable business solution. These solutions have included but limited to engineering improvements, knowledge gap reductions, and safety management system modification. Joe has experience primarily working with smaller to medium size organizations to install and ultimately to sustain a positive safety culture that emphasizes employee engagement and continuous improvement of a successful safety workplace.
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9234 Building a Safety Climate Dashboard Workshop (three hours) Fri., Mar. 10 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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