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Speaker: Benjamin PeetzBenjamin Peetz, Agribusiness Risk Control Consultant, FCCI Insurance Group
Agribusiness Risk Control Consultant (July 2015 - present) FCCI Insurance Group --- Senior Loss Prevention Specialist (Sept 2004 - May 2015) Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance --- Founder / Operator of, blog site that is devoted to high-risk, low-frequency incidents, particularly those involving industrial and manufacturing facilities --- Past Advisory Board Member, Ripley County (Indiana) E-911 Communications Advisory Board --- Certified Safety Professional (CSP Cert. No. CSP-27264 by Board of Certified Safety Professionals) --- NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS Cert. No. 3058) --- Firefighter / Chief Officer / Instructor (Sept 1994 - present) Napoleon (IN) Volunteer Fire Department, NFPA / IFSAC Instructor II/III, Indiana Firefighter PSID: 8932-2603 --- Past presenter at Ohio Safety Congress (2013, Not Just Another Fire: Do you know why your facility presents special firefighting challenges?) --- Past Instructor at FDIC International (Fire Department Instructors Conference) (2011 Tactical Considerations for Manufacturing Operations, 2012 Combustible Dust Explosions, 2013 First-Due Considerations for Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities [Pre-Conference Workshop], 2014 Firefighter Precautions for Combustible Dust, 2015 Pre-emergency Planning and Inspection of Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities [Pre-Conference Workshop]) --- Past presenter at various other safety industry conferences and workshops across Midwest --- Contributing Author, Fire Engineering ("Battling the Brain Drain" Vols Corner Feb 2014; Manufacturing and Industrial Fires (material which makes up part of this workshop), Nov 2013; Combustible Dust Explosions, March 2012)
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1116 Fire Prevention in Agricultural Operations Lecture (one hour) Wed., Mar. 8 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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