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Speaker: Roy WhiteRoy White, VP of Products, Breezer Mobile Cooling
Mr. White has always been interested in safety and preserving human life. As a young man, he became an Eagle Scout and received extensive safety, rescue and life saving training. After earning a degree in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon, he pursued a career in the semiconductor industry. He started his career with Intel, moved to Motorola and then equipment provider RAVE LLC. While at Intel, his interest in safety led him to suggest improvements to safety training, join the emergency response team and become an SCBA trained strike team leader. At RAVE he assumed responsibilities for Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance. Additionally, he published more than 40 papers at conferences and symposia. White earned an Master of Science in industrial engineering and an Master of Business Administration from the University of Florida before settling into a second career as Vice President of Products at Breezer Mobile Cooling, a manufacturer of mobile industrial cooling equipment designed for use outdoors and in large open spaces. There, he has turned his interest in health and safety to the topic of heat safety.
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1125 Heat Safety and Production Lecture Thu., Mar. 8 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

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