BWC Safety Innovation Award

BWC established the Safety Innovation Award to encourage and recognize innovative solutions that reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses. Preventing harm benefits everyone - employers and employees alike. Showcasing the most successful innovations helps other Ohio employers in their safety efforts and can inspire them to develop innovative solutions of their own.

The 2017 BWC Safety Innovation Award recognizes public and private entities for their development of innovative solutions that help to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses. (View Details)

2016 Safety Innovation Competition judges and finalists

2016 Finalists (View Details)

Company Awards                                                                             Innovation

1st Place $6,000: Cooper Farms Feed and Animal                           Hog Loader

2nd Place $4,000: Ashland Inc.                                                         Ergonomic 'Kaizen' Events Significantly Reduce Risk

3rd Place $3,000: Midmark Corp.                                                      Automated Guided Carts

4th Place $1,500: City of Cuyahoga Falls                                          Underground Cable Puller

5th Place $1,500: AWP Inc.                                                               Contractor Grade Bedslide

People’s Choice $1,000: Cooper Farms Feed and Animal                Hog Loader




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