Opening and General Sessions

Opening session
9:45 to 10:45 a.m., Wednesday, March 8

Session #9012

Welcome and opening remarks
Mary Taylor
Lieutenant Governor, State of Ohio

Taylor leads CSI Ohio — the “Common Sense Initiative” to reform Ohio’s regulatory policies, and serves as the director of the Ohio Department of Insurance. These two assignments dovetail together and provide the perfect launching pad for working to make Ohio a jobs — and business — friendly state. She’s been called an “expert” on state budget issues by the Columbus Dispatch and her hometown newspaper — the Suburbanite — called her one of Summit County’s “most influential women.”


Safety First! Growing a Culture of Engagement
Karen McCullough

“Leaders are learners and learners are earners” has been Karen’s motto as long as she can remember. Engaged employees perform at high levels, create emotional engagements with the customer, and grow environments where people are productive, accountable, and SAFE. Karen McCullough has worked with top organizations and leaders. She has discovered what separates truly connected high-engagement teams and leaders from the rest.



General session
1:15 to 2:15 p.m., Wednesday, March 8
Session #9014

When Change Chooses You — My Personal Adventure With Paralysis and Rehabilitation
Dale Hull, M.D., MPA

After Dr. Dale Hull was paralyzed in 1999 he underwent therapy for three and a half years, working with his therapist, Jan Black. Hull and Black later joined forces to create Neuroworx, a nonprofit outpatient physical therapy clinic that provides the same outstanding rehabilitation Dr. Hull himself had experienced — an experience that, over time, brought him to his feet. Neuroworx has earned an unequaled national reputation and respect for its evidence-based, creative and innovative neurorehabilitation.



General session and Safety Innovation Awards
9:45 to 10:45 a.m., Thursday, March 9
Session #9022





Safety Innovations Awards
The Safety Innovation Awards recognizes the development of innovative ergonomic and/or safety solutions in the workplace. A panel of judges and audience input determine which contestant has Ohio’s most innovative solution. BWC offers cash awards to the five finalists for their solutions to an occupational safety or health issue.


When it Hits the Fan — Crisis Management and Crisis Communications
Bruce Hennes
Managing Partner, Hennes Communications

The traditional media leap on crisis stories. A reputation built up over years can be shattered in an instant on social media. In today’s 24/7 news environment, when reporters won’t wait for you to return that call before posting the story online, and where everyone is a journalist and able to reach thousands on Facebook, crisis communications is a necessary skill for business leaders. Veteran crisis management specialist Bruce Hennes discusses strategic approaches to communications in a wide variety of situations and supplies proven techniques to help you in your leadership role. Hennes provides techniques for establishing your message, maintaining control of your message, moving your message forward and mounting a defense against a sudden press onslaught, thereby protecting your image, brand and perception in the marketplace.